004 – IV Drug Addict Lows to Meditation Highs – George S Peterson

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George S. Peterson teaches an ancient Vedic meditation technique known as Primordial Sound Meditation, as well as Vinyasa Yoga and Ayurveda. He is also passionate about his work in addiction recovery and is the cofounder of Nourish: a company that hosts 3-hour Pop-ups and provides a space for people to feed their minds, bodies and souls.

Through his deep dedication to recovery and well-being, George aims to touch the lives of many by providing them with a simple road map to help awaken, heal, and transform their lives.

  • 1:15 George explains how he became a full-blown IV drug addict in his teens
  • 5:11 He describes his first attempt to get sober after getting arrested
  • 8:26 It wasn’t until he became willing “to go to any lengths” that sobriety stuck
  • 10:45 “Success leaves clues”
  • 11:20 Taking mentors advice over one’s better judgement is key to success
  • 16:33 George’s three keystones for maintaining sobriety
  • 19:27 Meditation has been a major tool for George’s continued sobriety
  • 24:19 How did meditation become part of his life?
  • 28:47 George reached out to Deepak Chopra’s Center for help
  • 31:30 He explains what his form of meditation is like and what he teaches
  • 37:39 Debunks the 3 biggest misconceptions related to meditation
  • 41:56 How meditation, recovery and entrepreneurship connect
  • 44:38 George has a free e-book on meditation & recovery you can download
  • 47:21 Transcendental Meditation has studied the effects of some forms of meditation
  • 52:16 It’s not about ‘not drinking,’ it’s about service, giving back & thriving
  • 56:35 George is working on his next book to help people meditate more effortlessly
  • 1:02:04 Rocks, pebbles, sand, water
  • 1:07:57 He’s started a non-profit dedicated to bringing yoga to people in recovery
  • 1:14:14 More on George’s teachings and how to get in contact with him

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Books referenced in this episode:

Gino Wickman – Traction: Get a Grip On Your Business 

Emilty  Fletcher – Stress Less, Accomplish More  

Byron Katie – A Mind at Home with Itself 

Deepak Chopra – Seven Spiritual Laws of Success

Light Watkins – Bliss More

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