005 – Adopted, Addicted, and Accomplished – Skylar Winepol – Self Made & Sober Podcast

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Skylar Winepol is the founder of Incredible Foresight and leads The Adoption Project.

1:14 – Skylar was born in Russia and adopted at the age of 2

1:56 – She always had a feeling that “something was missing”

2:40 – Her mom’s cancer had a huge impact on her life and development

7:03 – Her addictive behavior manifested soon after her mom’s death

10:38 – She “hit bottom so hard she bounced twice”

11:04 – In the midst of her addiction she reached out to her old History teacher

12:06 – Steve O from “Jackass” took Skylar to her first 12-step meeting but it didn’t resonate

14:14 – She ended up overdosing and “pretty much” dying but had an impactful spiritual experience  

17:37 – At her worst, she still kept going to meetings

20:37 – Even breaking her ankle didn’t stop her from using

21:38 – She dropped out of college and began experimenting with sobriety & burglary

25:29 – Skylar confessed to her dad she had a problem and needed help getting into rehab

28:57 – Her first attempt at a real recovery has stuck since May 21, 2015

30:57 – Her next step was into a halfway house

33:41 – After a year of sobriety, Skylar started working as a copywriter and got her life on track

34:51 – Skylar decided to go into business for herself

37:36 – She found a community in recovery and with others who were adopted

38:15 – She is working on an adoption docuseries on various issues surrounding the issue

40:14 – Skylar debunks some of the biggest misconceptions surrounding adoption

45:36 – The jump into entrepreneurship was not obvious but she knew she didn’t want to work for someone else  

47:54 – The importance of knowing what to give up, control wise, has been an important lesson

50:18 – What’s working in digital marketing 2019 for those looking to get into the business

56:46 – Attention grabbing video & audio are dominating the world of digital marketing

59:06 – The importance of a presence on the Internet is still overlooked by many

1:05:00 – For businesses to stay ahead, if it isn’t broken, break it and fix it

1:05:55 – Business owners need to accept full responsibility for their companies

1:10:22 – If you’re providing a service it’s not a bad thing to be paid for it

1:14:14 – It makes financial sense to pay people to do work the entrepreneur isn’t good at or doesn’t like to do

1:18:52 – Skylar shares some insights into her success and her influences

1:19:31 – John Maxwell was a big influence on Skylar and Andrew

1:20:53 – Skylar’s advice for entrepreneurs and people in recovery: “Give yourself a chance”

1:22:36 – The proper mindset for people interested in becoming an entrepreneur

1:23:22 – For more info on Skylar 

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For more information on Skylar:

https://www.incredibleforesight.com/  or https://www.TheAdoptionProject.org

Books referenced in this episode:

The Primal Wound: Understanding the Adopted Child by Nancy Newton Verrier

Think and Grow Rich – Napoleon Hill

The Thank You Economy by Gary Vaynerchuk 

One Percent Edge by Susan Solovic 

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