006 – Suicidal Premonitions, Burning Porches & Sweet, Juicy Success – John Burns

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John Burns is the VP of Operations at Stella Blues Vapors in St. Louis, MO.  John is also member of The John Maxwell Team and has been sober since 1989.

1:28 – Andrew welcomes John Burns to the show to discuss his life, his time on the John Maxwell Team, sobriety and his current business, Stella Blues Vapors. 

2:26 – Are you letting 8-seconds of fear hold you back from doing more with your life?

3:42 – John, born to a young mother and a raging alcoholic father, found that personal growth allowed him to make the most out of his life.  

6:55 – With a thriving painting company, a hunger for trouble and a penchant for carrying guns John went to save his sister. 

9:54 – While being watched by a horrified family, John returned to drinking in a very messy and wet way. 

11:17 – John’s father appeared from out of nowhere after having a premonition that his son was about to take his own life and got him into recovery 

14:40 – Alcohol seemingly bridged the gap between John and the rest of the world. 

18:14 – His sponsor Cliff was the exact sort of hard-as-nails, tough-guy as John needed 

22:11 – John began taking incremental, consistent actions that began to transform his life and his businesses 

28:11 – With another business in development John realized the importance of consistency and developing personal relationships. 

37:42 – John decided to become a painter with absolutely no experience or knowledge whatsoever about painting. With hilarious and edifying results ensuing. 

44:12 – READ THE INSTRUCTIONS: This is how you ignite 18-foot flames without the owner knowing you’ve torched her house

52:24 – Stella Blues Vapors are not you common vaping juices and the store goes above and beyond in terms of customer service – in fact many people trek hours to enjoy John’s custom flavors. 

1:05:09 – The Royal College of Physicians did extensive testing on the safety of vaping as opposed to traditional smoking. John addresses the concerns and misconceptions some people have.

1:09:02 – When you first open your business, you have to be prepared for what John experienced.  

1:12:53 – The power of saying ‘thank you’ and interacting with your customers (the happy AND not so happy ones) is so important – and FREE.

1:18:56 – Secret to a successful business: Eat some short-term costs while keeping your eye on the long game

1:22:02 – This is why you should join the John Maxwell Team 

1:29:43 – The principles behind the John Maxwell Team inspired Andrew to follow the daisy chain of life which led him to creating his podcast. 

1:32:30 – Be comfortable being uncomfortable, which may help you help yourself and other people

1:37:49 – For people wanting to improve themselves and/or their business you might start by making small consistent actions and do them regularly. And do the don’ts and don’t do the do’s. 


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