009 – From Death Came a Life of Purpose – Andrew Burki

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Andrew Burki, MSW, founded Life of Purpose Treatment in Boca Raton, Florida in 2012 after enduring his own journey of addiction, failed treatment, and, since 2001, recovery.  He also sits on the Board of Directors for the Young People in Recovery (YPR).

Andrew has spent his professional and academic career developing the Life of Purpose model, based on the philosophy that young people, need a reason to want to stay clean and sober. Higher education, more than any other environmental factor, helps produce this desire in that it fundamentally changes the way people in early recovery perceive themselves.

02:02 – How do you make the distinction between having bad things happen to you, doing bad things, and being a bad person (which is fundamentally different)?

03:47 – Andrew started out having very common behavioral problems and dabbled in drug use but when he overdosed in his teens his family realized he had a serious problem

06:15 – In his youth he underwent several forms of treatment that were “a disaster”

09:43 – His current bout of recovery started in jail

12:00 – Part of his problem was that college wasn’t recommended to those in early stages of recovery

15:57 – Finding meaning, purpose and opportunity is a massive protective insulating factor in preventing reoccurrence of use

21:47 – There is so much systemic disfunction in the behavioral health care field & the treatment industry – which is what sets Life of Purpose Treatment apart

28:41 – You’ve got a whole bunch of industries engaging in questionable tactics converging in the same space as people dealing with addiction, including: criminal justice, insurance, treatment and the pharmaceutical Industry

36:46 – Life of Purpose is challenging the status quo and working to reform the system

44:28 – We are dying at a staggering rate from just alcohol and opioids alone – a 9/11 a week

47:34 – Real tips YOU can do to empower the recovery community politically

55:54 – Being consistent, being gritty, being diligent in your practice of your recovery is so important and valuable – the payoff is worth any sacrifice

57:21 – How Life of Purpose Treatment began working with a big venture capital firm to change the system

1:03:26 – Suggestions for someone who is new to recovery – don’t wait to do something meaningful with your life

1:12:42 – To learn more about Andrew Burki and Life of Purpose

For Andrew’s Free 30-minute Business Coaching Session: www.LassiseCoaching.com/30

To learn more about Andrew Burki

On the web: www.lifeofpurposetreatment.com

Email Andrew Burki: [email protected]   

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