010 Laughs, Lies & Some Real S*** – Sarge

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Sarge is an extraordinary entertainer. A triple threat. A musical piano savant, amazing improvisational comedian and singer.

Now, an author, with the imminent release of “Black Boychik”, which traces his hilarious, inspirational life of twists and turns, ups and downs which will leave you exhilarated, entertained and many have indicated they’ve cried and laughed uproariously while reading the same chapter.

01:45 – Growing up multiracial, adopted, with freckles, and chubby was super easy and in no way led to his addiction

07:37 – His addiction manifested itself when he hit the trifecta of a first time for drugs, sex and alcohol all in one night.  He also learned how to scam his University of thousands of dollars to spend on partying

12:42 – He explains how he got his name Sarge 

13:30 – In his junior year of college he began his first career by conning himself into the modelling world.

20:19 – Ironically, getting fired from one industry after another accelerated Sarge’s ability to drink and drug

22:16 – Now homeless and addicted, Sarge entered treatment and miraculously with one prayer stopped using for 28 years

25:20 – How did treatment so drastically and immediately affect his life – Sarge breaks it down

30:09 – Willingness to change is immensely important when determining who will be successful in their recovery  

39:17 – The program works for who it works for and doesn’t work for those who it doesn’t work for

42:07 – Sarge explains how he got into comedy and entertainment

50:53 – Sarge always felt messed up when he was using but others around him saw that he was a born entertainer

58:40 – He has become ferociously positive and uses that ferocity to propel his recovery & success

1:01:30 – For more information on Sarge

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To learn more about Sarge:

Online and email Sarge from his website: www.iamsarge.com

On Facebook: @ComedianSarge

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