011 Millionaires Don’t Believe in Astrology, Billionaires Do – Nick Wright, Ethyric

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Nick Wright, you may know him as Ethyric, is a musician, astrologer, personal coach, a catalyst for change and sober since August, 9th 2014. His focus is to bring forth awareness and healing through Astrology and to teach others how to open up to their own spiritual potential.

02:09 – Nick grew up in a well-off but emotionally cut-off environment and demonstrated early addictive behavior (and ate one powerful piece of pizza)

06:28 – After being hospitalized and increasing experimentation of psychedelics, Nick found himself with a habit and a questionable diagnosis of being bipolar

08:55 – After a series of detox/rehab centers Nick experienced a shift in perspective and understanding and began seriously working the Steps

14:55 – Nick talks about his background in religion and spirituality and how he became so enmeshed in Astrology & music

18:51 – He describes the moment he knew there was something real in Astrology

22:51 – Astrology became more than just a hobby after Nick discovered his ability to not only read people’s chart but coaching them on how to achieve their goals

30:44 – Ethyric is Nick’s rap, music and now his Astrology moniker – he explains the meaning of the name and the intention of using it

33:37 – Nick and Andrew get into a deeper discussion about the intentionality of Ethyric’s music

39:10 – Nick and Andrew bond over their mutual admiration of Final Fantasy VII and their addictive desire to 100% it

42:25 – They discuss the difference between being a workaholic and an intentional life of purpose

53:30 – Nick shares one piece of actionable advice to those either struggling with sobriety or dealing with the issues new entrepreneurs encounter – know yourself first

55:26 – For more information about Nick and his work

For Andrew’s Free 30-minute Business Coaching Session: www.LassiseCoaching.com/30

Facebook: Ethyric

Instagram: TheRealEthyric

YouTube: Ethyric

Spotify: Ethyric

For Nick’s coaching: https://nickwrightastrology.com/

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