6 Reasons Why You Should Hire an Online Business Coach

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Chances are, you have considered at one point or another hiring an online business coach. There are plenty of benefits to having someone who has been where you are and knows how to get where you want to go. While there is a certain level of trust with a face to face coach, here is why you should hire an online one.

1. Scheduling Flexibility

The most obvious benefit of hiring an online business coach is the ease of scheduling. With a cloud based scheduling software, you can easily meet with clients when it is convenient for both sides. Apps like Calendly and CoachAccountable are great tools to sync schedules so the client can fit coaching into their busy lives

An easy example would be our free 30 minute coaching session for new clients. If you click on that, it links to my calendar and you can choose a 30 minute block that fits your life and mine. This eliminates the drag and back and forth when it comes to scheduling.

Entrepreneurs are busy people, cloud scheduling is a game changer!

2. You Can Connect You With People In Different Areas

We all know who we know, and that is a good thing, yet also a bad thing. If you work with a business coach that is located in your direct network, you all know the same people. This is great in some cases, as mutual trust and shared experience will be there.

The converse side of this is that when it comes to making connections, especially BIG connections in other areas. My first coach was local, and he definitely helped me take my business to the next level with the resources he had. 

The next business coach I worked with, years later, had HUGE connections. I am trying to be ambiguous with names, but having her connections in other states gave me a much greater head start in my online business coaching career. There was no way the business coach who lived 5 miles away from my office could have had the same connections that my other mentor had. She knew people in the press, had several published books, and had been involved with Fortune 100 companies. Her reach was nationwide and when we worked together, her network slowly became my network.

3. Getting an Online Portal
One of the most important aspects for small business owners looking to help grow and scale their businesses is the ability to keep notes and check through an online portal. 

Elite online business coaches have the ability to create a customer’s own unique portal set with goals, notes, and action plans.

When sitting one on one, you won’t get to have all of these at your fingertips as the resources are limited to what is handed in front of you.

4. To-Do’s And Accountability

The best small business coaches will track what needs to happen next and hold you accountable to the process. These will include black and white action steps that will help you achieve your goals.

So often, we are spinning our wheels, and not actually moving forward. We are burning up gas, and seem busy, but aren’t actually accomplishing anything worthwhile.

An online business coach can help you move forward toward the thing you are actually trying to achieve. 
I know when I started my first business, there were 80 hour work weeks I would look back on and ask myself “What did I actually DO this week?”

If someone were keeping me in line with my goal, I could have saved a lot of time and energy not moving forward.

5. Easy to Track ROI and Billing

When your online business coach has a client portal, it is easy to view your invoices and compare them against the running ROI. This makes decisions easier to execute.

If the coach isn’t delivering a positive ROI, then it is very easy to have the numbers showcasing what changes have been made and how much money has resulted because of them.

6. Recordings

When your coaching sessions are recorded, you will always have access to the work that was done. Some days we have a lot on our mind, and if you forgot a pen, your coaching session may as well be wasted money.
Keeping a recording of the call helps you have access to getting out of a rut as well as a reference point for where you once were. 

It is incredible at times to watch first sessions and compare them against current ones. As the relationship develops and the company grows, it is almost guaranteed that the conversations get a lot more technical.
Session #1 there may be questions like what is profit? vs Session #30 when you are re-evaluating which KPI’s to use for your next quarter.


At the end of the day, getting an online business coach may be the best move for your business to grow. You will get easy scheduling, accountability, and easy to do actions.
If you feel like you are in a rut in your business, and don’t know how to get out, I’ve been where you are and I can help you get out!

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