What’s your refund policy?

If I cannot find a way to save you over $500 within the year on your first session, it will be free. All future coaching sessions are non-refundable after coaching services have been rendered.

Why do you charge hourly / per session instead of percentage?

I maintain the highest level of morality and ethics. When charging on a percentage, it changes the relationship from fiduciary (looking out for the client’s best interest) to looking at which client is worth the most money. I feel that with a flat rate, all clients will receive the exact same level of service without any possibilities for financial bias.

Why aren’t you affiliated with an outside enterprise?

I toyed with the idea of working for or partnering with a larger organization. I ultimately decided that I can make unbiased decisions on advice and direction by not having any ulterior motives. I do not want to be a salesman that pushes the products that get me the most commission. The money I earn is based on client happiness, repeat business, and results, nothing else.

Are you a financial planner?

A financial coach is different from a financial planner as planners focus more on long term investment strategies versus solving immediate issues. With a coach, you are learning and growing to become financially literate and get the point where you do not need someone to hold your hand when it comes to making purchasing decisions. I provide accountability and self-searching so that you can become better, not dependent on my expertise. All of my clients (so far in 10+ years) have seen magnificent results in their lives and businesses.

Will you help me pick stocks?

I do not hold a Series 7 license and cannot give advice on which stocks to pick in the market. I can give guidance on what financial products (IRA, 401(K), etc) would be beneficial for your specific situation, but will not give specific advice on what investments pick. I do recommend looking into low cost indexes and can refer you to a licensed professional for those services.

Why should I choose you over the thousands of other coaches?

While everyone claims to be the best, I not only have the knowledge and know-how of being a certified financial coach, I also am the product of one. I have been through the ringer from crushing debt to financial freedom within a few years. I am not regurgitating what I read in a book or learned in school, but giving guidance based on personal experience. “I was once where you were, this is what I did to get out” vs. “You should do this because the book said to, but I have no idea what the implications are.”