The Secret to Success: Why Should You Hire An Entrepreneur Coach?

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Do you feel like you are committed to starting a business and you are ready to take an entrepreneurial journey? You do not have to waste all of your energy on learning the fundamentals.

The main target of a business is to build a solid foundation of personal values, vision, and purpose. All of these come only from a good entrepreneur. In this article, we will try to explain why should you hire an entrepreneur coach to help you achieve this goal.

Entrepreneur Coach & Financial Coaching

Like any other coaching or consulting domain, an entrepreneur coach it is not a perfect fit for everyone. Before you can jump into a coaching session, you should identify yourself as a person who is committed to creating a thriving, successful business.

You have to know where your business is currently and to understand what it takes in terms of decision making. In addition, one has to be ready to make those hard decisions for your business’ success.

When choosing an entrepreneur coach, you want to choose someone who has been through the same struggles that you are facing.

Someone who has scaled a one person living room operation to a 6 office multi million dollar corporation would mesh great with a handyman who is growing from his side gig to subcontracting dozens of others to work under his name. Both are in a scalable service industry.

That same person cannot bring so much to the plate with a  franchise chain restaurant owner. While many business ideas transcend industries, there are others who are better suited at entrepreneur coaching in that field. Know your niche!

What is Financial Coaching?

Financial coaching can help your business save money by helping you avoid some dangerous pitfalls or dead-ends. Avoiding these, your road to financial freedom will be much easier.

Your financial coach provides educational insights, practical experience, and accountability. Your financial coach will be focused on building principles, particularly business principles.

Furthermore, a coach can help you grow so that you are better at solving problems on your own. You don’t want to hire a consultant who tells you what to do, then leaves you to figure it out yourself. Finding someone who can help you find your own answers is the key to a successful financial coaching relationship.

You can take this coaching experience like a workshop. The decision will be yours, the only thing a coach does, is  give guidance and elicit inner answers.

Entrepreneur Coaching Model

This model of coaching is based on a three-layer implementation process, each one building on the next. The core elements are Clarity, Energy, and Motivation.

This model supports your development of a strategic and effective plan.
Clarity is your mission, vision and purpose, your keywords, the definition of success, intention, and goals.
Energy represents the relationship between you, your business and other areas of your life. Personal energy management, priorities.
Motivation is the identification and removal of barriers

How Does It Work?

Financial coaching bridges the gap between knowing what to do and actually getting it done. That`s why it works.

Everyone knows what it takes to have a successful business. You have to invest wisely, spend less money, save more money. A very simple equation, easier said than done An entrepreneur coach or finance coach will help you find the secrets about how you can apply these basic principles in a very well designed implementation strategy.

Not just telling you how to do it, but helping YOU uncover them yourself. You will be empowered to make your own decisions and grow your business.

This is what we do here, at Lassise Financial Coaching. We help entrepreneurs build businesses and generate more profit.

Choose Lassise Financial Coaching for a complete customized personal entrepreneur coaching program. Built just for your business by an expert who not only has the knowledge, has actually implemented it himself.

Would you trust an overweight nutritionist? Of course not!

Having a financial coach that does not have one themselves shows a crucial flaw. If you hire someone who doesn’t believe in the process themselves, how can you think they will do a good job?

That is why we focus on growth for both our clients, and our staff. That has been a major contributing factor to our success and why literally all of our clients are making more money by hiring us.

Call for a free consultation 410-258-8770. If we cannot save you more money than we charge, our services are absolutely free.

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